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  • DOHA - Security Clearance Reinstated

    Client - a civilian employee of a branch of the military- was convicted of a DUI while holding a security clearance. Later, he was accused of violating the terms and conditions of his probation. This led to an immediate revocation of his clearance via a Statement of Reasons. He retained Ms. Ayott... Read On

  • Possession of Child Pornography- PROBATION

    February 2019

    A search warrant was executed on client's home and his computer was seized. Based upon his interview and forensic analysis, he was charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography in state court. Client came to Ms. Ayotte immediately and began working with her team of experts on mitigati... Read On

  • Felony Drugs and Obstruction- CASE DISMISSED

    February 2019

    After fighting this case for over a year with multiple motions challenging constitutional violations, Ms. Ayotte successfully got the case dismissed. Read On

  • DOHA Security Clearance Hearing- Clearance GRANTED

    January 2019

    In a foreign influence case where client was upgrading the clearance from one level to the next, client's security clearance was suspended due to family ties and activities. After a full hearing before DOHA, and after waiting more than six months for a decision, the DOHA granted eligibility for a... Read On

  • Comm v. M. S. - Two Felony Grand Larceny, one petty larceny. Reduced to trespass - no jail time

    Client, a hard-working mother and wife was charged with two felony grand larceny and one petty larceny charges. Client also faced serious immigration consequences from a potential conviction. Ms. Carmichael recommended a series of steps to mitigate clients case, and client worked tirelessly to f... Read On

  • United States v. K.R. - Supervised Release Violation - TIME SERVED- no extension of supervision

    Client, who served time several years prior, and was on supervised release, was noticed for a violation on a positive drug test as well as a state domestic assault charge. Client was hard-working, had a good job, and helped aging his parents. Ms. Carmichael entered the case, and successfully argu... Read On

  • Commonwealth v. C.N. and T.N. - Obstruction of Justice - DISMISSED

    September 2017

    Clients, parents of an adult, teenaged child, were at their home when police arrived with an arrest warrant to take their child into custody for a possession of marijuana citation which had occurred two weeks prior.  The parents were surprised by the police presence and also were not sure their c... Read On

  • Commonwealth v. M.F.- Domestic Assault and Battery - ACQUITTED

    September 2017

    Domestic Assault and Battery. Complaining witness called the police to complain that client struck her with closed fists, leaving visible injuries including swelling and a bleeding cut. Client was arrested elsewhere, and denied the assault. A trial took place in JDR court. We rejected the plea of... Read On

  • S.W. v. Comm - Contested Expungement - VICTORY, charge EXPUNGED

    Client sought expungement for a concealed weapons charge that the Commonwealth Nolle Prossed. The Commonwealth opposed it, stating that because the nolle pross was part of a "plea agreement" the client wasn't actually innocent and the charge could not be expungement. Read On

  • United States v. H.C. - DUI REDUCED to Reckless Driving

    Client was charged with a DUI on Pentagon property. Client had a special license for his job, and if convicted, the result would have been detrimental to his career. Using sharp negotiation skills Read On

  • United States v. M.G. - Reckless Over 90 MPH - REDUCED to Speeding, NO JAIL TIME

    July 2017

    Client was charged with Reckless driving for going over 90 mph. As a result of Ms. Carmichaels representation, the government dropped Reckless to speeding, but sought jail time, and supervised probation with a suspended license.  Client is a greencard holder and jail time could have had serious ... Read On

  • Commonwealth v. H.M. - Public Intoxication - DISMISSED

    August 2017

    Client was charged with public intoxication in Arlington after the arresting officer observed the hallmark signs of drunkenness (odor of alcohol, bloodshot, watery, glassy eyes, and slurred speech.)  Client admitted to consuming alcohol as well, and was arrested.  However, due to the firms famil... Read On

  • United States v. G.W.- Weapon on Pentagon - DISMISSED

    June 2017

    Client reports to work daily at the U.S. Pentagon and had once in the past brought a knife into the building inadvertently.  The second time this happened, Pentagon police arrested and charged him.  Obviously, this had a serious impact on his employment, and potentially, his security clearance ... Read On

  • Commonwealth v. M. F.- JURY ACQUITTAL- SELF-DEFENSE Malicious Wounding

    July 2017

    NOT GUILTY AFTER FORTY MINUTES OF DELIBERATION! Client, who had multiple felonies on his record, was charged with malicious wounding after stabbing a man in the chaest.  The complaining witness sustained an injury resulting in a punctured lung and was admitted to the hospital for approximately a... Read On

  • $50,000 Judgment + Interest and Attorney's Fees!

    July 2017

    Attorney Wirt Brock, Esq., prevailed in Fairfax County court for our client yesterday on the trial date to the tune of a $50,000.00 judgment, plus pre- and post-judgment interest, and attorneys fees.  In this action to enforce a promissory note, the client was part of a joint venture with a buil... Read On

  • United States v. K.S. - Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine- BELOW GUIDELINES

    In another far-ranging federal drug conspiracy case, out of California, that was indicted and prosecuted here in the Eastpern District of Virginia, the firm achieved a stunning below-guidelines result for the client.  Client was accused of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine up to 1.5 kilogr... Read On

  • Commonwealth v. R.D.

    December 2016

    Pregnant client was charged with Domestic Assault and Battery for an argument that happened with her significant other at the workplace, resulting in her termination.  To add insult to injury, she had been the person requesting help from the police in the first place, as a result of what she perc... Read On

  • Yancey 20candid

    Commonwealth v. M.M.- Stalking Jury Trial - CASE DISMISSED

    October 2016

    Our client came hired us to appeal his misdemeanor stalking conviction from General District Court, and we replaced prior counsel and set it for a jury trial in Circuit Court.  The complaining witness claimed that our client stalked her and put her in fear, despite the fact that there was no thre... Read On

  • United States v. C. D.- 18th Street Gang Federal Drug and Gun Conspiracy - DISMISSED

    In a case that drew attention from the press, our client and 6 others were charged and alleged to be members of the 18th Street Gang (a rival gang to MS-13 gang out of El Salvador) as part of a conspiracy to distribute cocaine and to use firearms in furtherance of that effort.  The government exp... Read On

  • Commonwealth v. K.F. - Felony Strangulation, CHARGES DROPPED!

    August 2016

    Client charged with felony strangulation.  Harris & Carmichael immediately conducted a thorough investigation and mounted a strong defense.  Commonwealth agreed to drop the charge at the first hearing on the matter! Read On

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