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Best laywer for Federal Criminal case

Ms. Harris changed my life. She is passionate, dedicated, and diligent lawyer. Also she has the best interest at heart. I'm an Asian who has been living in the U.S.A. for almost 40 years. However she was the first American who treated me like her own brother. I have run in with the laws in the past and have met few lawyers in my life. Ms. Harris was the only lawyer that looked like the ones in the movies; that you‘d wish to have when you are in trouble. She was always on the top of my case. She knew exactly what is best for me and how to deal with federal prosecutors to get the best result for me. She was always responsive with detailed information which gave me and my family a huge peace of mind in terrible times. Without Ms. Harris, I'd be still in federal prison. Only regret I have is that I haven't hired Ms. Harris sooner for my case. If I hired her right after I got arrested, my life would have been changed again for the better. I'm sure her parents are extremely proud of their daughter and her kids (if she has one) will always be proud of their mom. My probation officer prohibits me to visit Ms. Harris for time being, however me and my whole family wants to visit her and thank her in person, a traditional Asian ways.