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Extremely Well-Known

I hired Ms. Harris to handle a city violation charge of Urinating in Public. Although this was a small case for her, she was very willing to help and always got back to me in a timely manner when I attempted to reach her with questions. The office staff at Harris and Carmichael was very helpful as well with handling documents and setting up times for me to reach Phoenix personally. I noticed that she was extremely well-known when we appeared together at the Alexandria General District Court, as she spoke with many of the lawyers and staff there. Every question I asked her prior to my court date she addressed completely, and with much confidence. For someone not familiar with law terms such as myself, Phoenix did an excellent job of clearly explaining things to me by first telling me the actual terms and proceeding to explain it in a way I could understand. She made sure that I did understand what was said before she moved on. She took the time to help me prepare for the worst case scenario and give me the best chance at a dismissal. Although the officer didn't show for my case and it was therefor dismissed, I would have felt very confident in Phoenix's abilities to get my case dismissed had the officer appeared in court. I highly recommend Phoenix Harris as a criminal attorney. She is extremely loyal, educated, confident, and will be dedicated to your case no matter how small.