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She left me speechless

I contacted Ms. Harris, among others, on a fraud allegations brought against me. She was the only lawyer who was genuinely interested in the knowing my case details instead of speaking in general terms like the others. She was the only lawyer I spoke to who logged into the court system and checked on my case details. She invited me for a consultation next day for an hour and 15 minutes! She reviewed all the paper work I had on me, asked all the right questions, and she develped a clear understanding about my.

Weighing my options and considering my financial situation I choose to go with a public defender, don't get me wrong.....she is not expensive at all, but I could not hire her without adding financial burden on myself. Few weeks later I emailed her back, as a courtesy, to update her on my final decision and for some reason I wrote about my frustrations with the public defender and about the case in general. Guess what.... and this was the shocker for me!.......she called my lawyer and asked him about the case and updates and emailed back with the updates.!!!!!!!! She left me speechless. She was absolutely under no obligation to do what she did but she did it.

I was only a prospect and she went out of her way to help me out. I Highly recommend Ms. Harris for her professionalism and her genuine compassion for her prospects, clients and work.