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Security Clearance Reinstated!

In the fall on 2016 my security clearance was revoked due to my clearance renewal review in 2015. Since my job with the Department of the Air Force requires me to have a clearance I was lost as to what to do or where to start. I searched the internet and came across the law firm of Harris, Carmichael &Ellis and decided to contact them. I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and understanding I received upon meeting with them. The detailed work they placed into representing me in court was at the top of the charts- with exhibits showing comparisons to similar and even more severe cases as mine where clearances were reinstated. I was granted to have my clearance reinstated in February of 2018 which I don't think would have happened without their hard work and dedication. I would strongly recommend their firm to anyone in need of legal services! Sincerely, R